If you’ve found this site, and this particular page, and are interested in its contents, you have very likely already discovered the great opportunity that stands before us all. This video may reinforce your conviction, or serve as a tool to help you get the attention of others, that they find, activate, and exercise their conviction to change.

The purpose of this video is to connect some “dots” that have been “lonely too long”. While common sense” might suggest that those who have the most are contented, benevolent, philanthropic people who care about others and wish to help where they can.That would have been my position, years ago, until little-by-little, I began to see the world with different state of consciousness. My eyes were the same, but the meaning of what they saw changed dramatically.

The value of accrual platforms is not in the “money” that one can make if they are successful. It is in the value that will be protected from undue manipulation, disruption, or theft by individuals and institutions we have implicitly trusted. Many people have yet to realize that the hen house is under fox control, but a way out is available.