Why Bitcoin Accrual, Why Now?

by Adam Abraham

Bitcoin is not really “money”. It’s actually more than thata, and at the same time, it is less. It’s amazing rise in value is seated in the fact that the preceding statement has proven to be true.

You will never “touch” a bitcoin, but by the same token, no one will ever “touch” the transactions that bitcoin and its block chain protocols so faithfully “protect and serve.”

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Redefining “Money”

Whether you know it, believe it, have noticed it or not, money is changing. The entire “story” of money is being rewritten. The way it used to be is NOT the way it will be.

The larger question revolves around who is doing the redefinition. Until recently, the central banking system has dictated monetary policy from the virtual monopoly that it has enjoyed for over 100 years.

Today an alternate element now exists, which gives you a larger role in determining your financial health. It is called, bitcoin.

Three tangible intangibles that make bitcoin’s value to society continue to soar.



Company Role

A decentralized network means a unified one. Bitcoin gave birth to an inalterable information singularity for each transaction that “originates” from nowhere, and is recorded everywhere.



Protects identity and Data Integrity

Data encryption protects the transaction record so well, in conjunction with decentralization, that “break-ins” or other intrusions aren’t possible.

Egalitarian and Inclusive

Egalitarian and Inclusive

Protections and Benefits Extend to All

Responsibility, value, (and power) is confered to the coin holder, (where it has always been), who must now learn to protect his inherently valuable asset.

This Just Scratches the Surface

This site gives you a hint of a world that awaits your discovery and engagement, and an instrument that serves and protects something that is inalienably and inalterably yours… that only you can own.

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