Welcome to BitcoinAccrual.com, the result of an ongoing awakening to a new world, whose implications strike at the core of our financial and social order, of which the vast majority of our society is oblivious, disassociated, or otherwise disengaged.

The financial instrument known as “bitcoin” has existed since 2007, and was nothing to sneeze at then, so insignificant was the idea when contrasted to the monolith that the financial order has been, whose roots extend back to the days of the Roman Empire.

Roman dinarius, circa 14 A.D.

An examination of monetary policy, such as an article titled, Savior of Rome: Tiberius and Quantitative Easing during the Early Roman Empire (Valubit.com), shows how little has changed in 2,000 years, with regard to efforts to monitor and control human behavior through the medium of money. And because “he who controlled the money, controlled the masses,” is it no wonder that the Dark Ages, rife with war, Inquisition, plague, genocide, and tyranny, dominate the historical record.

Quentin Massis ` The Moneylender and his Wife. 1514 (Louvre, Paris)

Yet, the few who profited from these activities have convinced many, through history books and holy books, through science and religion, that such acts were either unavoidable, or justified.

From “History of Banking”

The “subjects” have been afterthoughts in monetary and social policies.

Some habits run deep.

As such, value of currency could do nothing else but reflect the lack of value for the humans that money was used to control.

Can’t be touched, yet they can touch the quality of many lives overlooked by “mainstream” banks.

Bitcoin has come along, conceived with a different objective… such a different perspective that this site, at its launching, represents just a beginning of the implications to our society that bitcoin adoption, engagement, and accrual represents.