Q3 Spa ~ Bio Electric Field Enhancement


This is a technology to be experienced

The best way to understand the Q3 Spa, bio electric field enhancement technology is to experience it. Session are 35-minutes in length. Variations can include foot bath, just one hand in the water, or full immersion in a bath tub.

Even though we describe the results as “charging your cell’s battery”, its use is relaxing and revitalizing without any sense of stimulation you would expect from coffee, for example.

We heartily encourage you to enjoy a session and welcome you to feel how restorative having an enhanced bio – field can be.



The Q3 Bio Electric Field Enhancer (BEFE) is a breakthrough health technology designed to recharge your body’s “biological batteries” and in so doing, promote overall wellness by allowing the body to heal itself more efficiently.

To understand how the Q3 works, think of each cell in your body as a miniature battery… and just like batteries, when your cells don’t have enough charge, they don’t function properly.

Which is where the BEFE comes in.

By using the BEFE you are increasing the charge on every cell!

University of Memphis Breakthrough Research

The University of Memphis BEFE research project developed as a result of the extremely beneficial effects they saw happen at the cellular level. They saw cells thrive and appear to be much healthier after exposed to water treated with the unit. This began a five-year intensive research quest to figure out how it did this and what was actually happening inside the cells.

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