When one door may close, another definitely opens.

We are just feeling our way around the bitcoin accrual space, and it is broad as can be. There are places that have great foundations, and others, much like our present monetary system, are built on quicksand.

Wallet Pllus was one of the accrual sites that we found and liked, particularly due to its attractive accrual rate (3.3% daily), it doubled one’s BTC deposit in 60 days, had a very good program for residual referral income through a binary network, yet did not require one to actively “recruit” others to justify or qualify for continued involvement.

Based in Brazil, there was no information available in English when we came upon WP, but it had a thriving community of members, mostly from Brazil, Central and South America. Undeterred by this, I located a presentation of the WP program, written in Portuguese.

Last week Wallet Pllus went “dark”. possibly due to an internal breech by systems personnel, one of whom coincidentally, and mysteriously lost his life on the same day that the site went down. The site was growing rapidly, and had a robust and profitable flow of BTC, based on data indicated via blockcypher.com.

Yet, an organization is only as strong as its personnel with the weakest character, and there’s little way to know such things from afar. It appears that WP is earnest in its attempts to resume operations, as thousands of people have BTC deposits in various states of accrual, but for now, all they can do is wait and hope.

I received a message in the past couple of hours indicating some progress is being made toward a WP restart under a slightly different URL, but no one knows what level of disruption, if any, will have occurred.

This is one reason that it is wise to distribute your deposits among a number of accrual platforms, following a “decentralized” investment strategy.